Pogliaghi Sante Milano  Pista 1970"s

Pogliaghi Sante Milano Pista 1970"s

Size 59 c-c

Columbus Sl tubin

Full Campagnolo Pista Group

Rare 3ttt Pista stem and Bar

3ttt seatposed

Cinelli uniocanitor saddle


 "Sante Pogliaghi was one of the acknowledged masters of post war Italian frame builders. He was sought after by top Olympic and Professionals alike. While his track bikes, both solo and track are most famous, he also made superb road bikes. Sante passed away << edited:  (in the year) 2000. The rights to manufacture frames under his name had been acquired by Mario Rossin around 1982, then in the later 1980s, the Basso brothers. >> Bikes from the 1970s and earlier, made by Sante himself, are highly prized by knowledgeable collectors."