Masi Grand Criterium 1975 (ForSale)

Masi Gran Criterium   1975

Size 58 c-c 

Columbus Sl Tubing 

3ttt Record stem and super leggera Bar

Campagnolo Nuoo Record Group

Full Refunished

( repaint )

3500 Euro


                                   Faliero Masi (an ex-racing cyclist) produced frames for professionals

                                   Eddy Merckx began his career riding a Masi (disguised as a Peugeot)

           Rik van Looys , Fausto Coppi,Jacques Anquetil and Vittorio Adorni also rode re-branded  Masi Frames

                                 Masi was nicknamed "The Tailor" and "the Enzo Ferrari of frame building"

                                                         his workshop was small and exclusive

                                           together with his son Alber to he produced high-class bikes

                                   the Masi Gran Criterium is one of the most sought-after collectors items


Faliero Masi, and now his son Alberto, are an intrinsic part of the Italian romance with racing bicycles. Although never the sponsor of a major Pro team, Masi has been whispered to be the preferred builder for many stars in the Pro peloton. In the original workshop beneath the famous Vigorelli velodrome, the Masi family has produced sought after bicycles for 50 years. At the Vigorelli, Faliero's torch was Dicimo Merlo, who worked from the beginning of the marque in 1946 until his death in the mid-1960s. Masi would finish the frames made at the Vigorelli that Dicimo brazed. Later, many contractors supplied their services, but the design and quality control remained under the strict oversight of the Masi men.